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Guitar Freak Workstation and SightReader 4.7.0

Guitar Freak Workstation and SightReader Guitar Freak Workstation and SightReader 4.7.0

Screenshots of Guitar Freak Workstation and SightReader

Guitar Freak Workstation and SightReader Publisher's Description

The ultimate guitar and bass (4, 5 and 6 string) practice tool.
Over several hundred hours of structured lessons to take you from novice to a jazzer and every style between.
Continually being updated with new features and free upgrades for every customer!
You will learn to Solo over your own chord progressions and in any key. Transcriber allows you slow down music. Ability trainer uses the secret that Yngwie Malmsteen used to get his speed and cleaness! Learn how to play every chord in 15 different positions and the choice of scales for that chord as they surround each shape
. Use the real world ear trainer to super charge your ear!
o You will learn how to track bass movement (to hear what chords are happening). You will learn how to sing any degree over a bass note (and therefore recognize what that interval sounds like over a current bass note)
o You will learn how to hear every interval from well-known reference melodies.
o You will learn to spot interval jumps in melodies (for writing down licks or learning them fast in a high pressure situation)
. Supercharge your ear with 4 different methods of Perfect Pitch Training. Learn to read music as easily as tablature – completely customizable options (which can saved) means you can set any rhythm (even 5’s), scale or key base, notes on the fret board, ties, chord symbols, chord notation everything to really help you read music (finally!)
. See every possible position on the fret board of a shape you like – see how it morphs to fits the scale as you move it up and down the fret board. Use a better metronome than you ever known – features include bass note player for you to take all your chords and licks through 12 keys – a time splitter to hear how any number of notes will sounds over a beat or bar. Save every graphic to the Workpage and create printouts with graphics and text for yourself. Save them for later reference.
And much more - free 10 day trial!

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